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Seeking Flavour Lovers  

Do you love awesome food, incredible friends, and great times? If the answer is YES then the URBN Flavourhaus Ambassador program is for you. We are looking for incredible people who want to taste the sumptuous flavors crafted by our award winning staff and tell the world how amazing they are.

We need your voice

As we continue to add delectable offerings to our world-class menu we need your voice, to help everyone learn about all that URBN Flavourhaus has to offer. We will be offering free food, exclusive access, crazy events, and – of course – cool cash, to those who help us build the URBN Flavourhaus brand.

So if you love great food, want to get first dibs on everything that’s happening in the URBN Flavourhaus world, want to see and be seen at the coolest events around, and could use some cold hard cash in your pocket…Fill out the form on this page, tell us a little bit about yourself, and let’s create great time at URBN Flavourhaus.