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Certified = Best Burg​e​r

Who doesn’t love a great burger? Burgers are a staple of the URBN menu and our hauscrafted, 1/2lb Certified Angus Beef patties have elevated URBN Flavourhaus into a must-go trendy hot spot offering the most decadent selection of flavours and toppings. Yes, you can always order a classic, no frill burger but our chefs are always pushing the creative envelope to churn out the area’s best burger!

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Get your Freak ​On

Beyond TikTok and Instagram worthy, our freakshakes (whoops…milkshakes) have become socially famous. Our over the top milkshakes come piled high with hausmade whip and FLAVOUR from blueberry cheesecake, grilled sticky buns, fresh HOT donuts to Reese’s, Oreos and more.

Our milkshakes have become so incredibly popular because they are epically flavourful and pretty photogenic too. If our milkshakes haven’t brought you to the Haus yet, perhaps today is the perfect day to get your freak on!

And if you need a pick me up or a kickstart to get your freak on, you can always upgrade and add a few shots of espresso…now that’s what we call a FREAKACCINO!

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